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FAQ: Extending

How do I use my own Java models?

See Bringing your own Models.

How do I disable certificate verification?

Please add -Dio.swagger.v3.parser.util.RemoteUrl.trustAll=true when generating the code.

How do I skip files during code generation?

OpenAPI Generator has a built-in ignore file processor.

For example, to skip, one can create a file named .openapi-generator-ignore in the root of the output directory with the contents:

# Prevent generator from creating these files:

The ignore file works just like .gitignore, and it is auto-generated by default.

If you need this functionality on initial generation, you can provide the option --ignore-file-override (CLI) or ignoreFileOverride (Maven and Gradle plugins) with a value targeting any existing file. The contents of that file will be evaluated relative to the output directory.

How can I customize the auto-generated code?


  • "How can I add a header/footer to generated code?"
  • "How can I add my own logging to generated code?"
  • "How can I add my license to the top of files?"

OpenAPI Generator supports user-defined templates without need to recompile the artifact. We also support custom generators (templates and logic) if those generators are accessible on the classpath.

See templating: Modifying Templates and customization docs for more details.