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FAQ: Contributing

Automated checks on my PR have failed. Do you know what's wrong?

Please do the following:

  • Click on the failed tests and check the log to see what's causing the errors.
  • If it's related to connection timeout in downloading dependencies, please restart the CI jobs (which can be done by closing and reopening the PR)
  • If it's some other reason, please tag someone on the core team for assistance.

The public petstore server returns status 500, can I run it locally?

Yes, please run the following commands (assuming you've docker installed):

docker pull swaggerapi/petstore
docker run -d -e SWAGGER_HOST= -e SWAGGER_BASE_PATH=/v2 -p 80:8080 swaggerapi/petstore
docker ps -a

Then add the following to your local hosts table:

Who should I report a security vulnerability to?

Please contact with the details and we'll follow up with you.

How can I rebase my PR on the latest master?

Please refer to, or follow the steps below (assuming the branch for the PR is "fix_issue_9999"):

  1. git checkout master
  2. git pull upstream master (assuming upstream is pointing to the official repo)
  3. git checkout fix_issue_9999
  4. git rebase master
  5. Resolve merge conflicts, if any, and run "git commit -a"
  6. Rebase done (you may need to add --force when doing git push)

(To setup upstream pointing to the official repo, please run git remote add upstream

How can I update commits that are not linked to my GitHub account?

Please refer to or you can simply add the email address in the commit as your secondary email address in your GitHub account.

Any useful git tips to share?


How can I submit a PR to fix bugs or make enhancements?

Visit and then click on the "Fork" button in the upper right corner. Then in your local machine, run the following (assuming your github ID is "your_user_id")

1) git clone 2) cd openapi-generator 3) git checkout -b fix_issue9999 4) make changes 5) git commit -a (you may need to use git add filename to add new files) 6) git push origin fix_issue9999 7) Visit in your browser and click on the button to file a new PR based on fix_issue9999